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Should Etsy Sellers Consider Switching to Alternative Marketplaces?

With rising concerns about Etsy, many sellers are questioning if it's time to explore other marketplaces. This article examines the emergence of Etsy alternatives, focusing on one promising option: Go Imagine. Starla Moore, founder of the Handmade Alpha Academy for Etsy Sellers and manager at, provides an unbiased perspective on this platform.

Why Are Sellers Looking for Etsy Alternatives?

Etsy sellers are increasingly dissatisfied with the platform's fees, policies, and competitive landscape. This has led many to ask, "What are the best alternatives to Etsy?" and "Is there a marketplace that truly supports handmade sellers?"

Go Imagine: A Promising Alternative

Among the marketplaces examined by Starla Moore, Go Imagine stood out. This platform is exclusively for handmade and digital businesses, emphasizing the importance of the sellers. But is Go Imagine worth it? Numerous sellers in different Etsy communities have reported minimal to no traffic on Go Imagine, resulting in the closure of their shops.

To gain deeper insights, Starla met with Go Imagine’s CEO, John Link. He explained that Go Imagine is a charity-focused marketplace that channels profits towards children in need. Unlike Etsy, they have no intentions of going public, ensuring they prioritize sellers and buyers over investors.

What Makes Go Imagine Unique?

  1. Seller Focused: Go Imagine is dedicated to handmade products and has a strict application process to ensure quality. This focus ensures that sellers of genuine handmade items can find a supportive platform.

  2. Charity Driven: Profits are directed towards children in need through various partnerships. Sellers might ask, "Does Go Imagine really support charities?" and the answer is yes.

  3. Seller Tools: Go Imagine’s updated listing builder and seller dashboard resemble Etsy’s, making it easy for Etsy sellers to transition. "What tools does Go Imagine offer for sellers?" This includes a user-friendly dashboard and listing builder.

  4. Buyer Traffic: While current traffic is low, Go Imagine plans to focus on buyer acquisition in 2024 after establishing a solid base of sellers.

  5. Mosaic Website Builder: For $10 a month, sellers can create a custom website for their products, which is significantly cheaper than Shopify’s basic plan.

How Does Go Imagine Compare to Etsy for 3D Printing Products?

For those wondering, "Is Go Imagine good for 3D printing businesses?", the platform can be a viable option. It supports handmade and digital products, including those created through 3D printing. Sellers can leverage Go Imagine to market unique, custom-made 3D printed home decor items, appealing to a niche audience seeking bespoke designs.

Pros and Cons of Go Imagine


  • Self-owned and seller-focused with no plans to go public.

Genuinely handmade marketplace with a strict application process.

  • User-friendly interface familiar to Etsy sellers.

  • Charity-focused business model.

  • Affordable Mosaic plan offers a professional website option.

  • State sales tax is calculated, collected, and remitted for sellers.


  • Currently available only to sellers in the US, with plans to expand to Canada. There is no confirmed timeline or plan for further international expansion.

  • Limited to handmade and digital products, excluding those reliant on print providers.

  • Still in the growth phase, so traffic is not yet comparable to Etsy.

Is Go Imagine Worth Considering?

Go Imagine presents a promising alternative to Etsy, especially for sellers seeking a platform that prioritizes handmade products and charitable initiatives. For those asking, "Is Go Imagine a good alternative to Etsy?" and "Can I sell 3D printed items on Go Imagine?", the answer is yes, with its potential for growth and commitment to sellers making it a platform worth considering.

While it doesn’t yet match Etsy in terms of traffic, its unique focus and ethical business model offer compelling reasons for sellers to explore this alternative marketplace. With its current availability limited to the US and plans to expand to Canada, Go Imagine may soon become a viable option for more sellers looking for a supportive and ethical platform. This article is based on a video by Starla Moore, founder of the Handmade Alpha Academy and manager at

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