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Is Etsy Still the Best Place to Sell 3D Printed Products?

What Happened to Etsy? Etsy has long been a popular platform for artisans and small business owners looking to sell handmade and unique goods. However, recent developments have raised concerns about Etsy's viability as the best platform for selling 3D printed products. Despite achieving its highest annual revenue in 2023, Etsy has faced declining gross merchandise sales, falling stock prices, and internal conflicts among sellers and management.

Key Challenges Facing Etsy

Declining Gross Sales

Etsy's gross merchandise sales have declined for the second consecutive year, even with record revenue in 2023. This decline raises questions about the platform's long-term sustainability.

Stock Price Drop

Etsy's stock price is over 70% lower than its peak in 2021, reflecting investor concerns and a lack of confidence in the company's future growth.

Q1 2024 Earnings

The first quarter of 2024 did not meet expectations, with merchandise sales and profits falling short. CEO Josh Silverman acknowledged poor execution and an uncertain future.

Seller Dissatisfaction

Longtime sellers criticize CEO Josh Silverman's profit-focused strategy, which they feel moves away from Etsy's original mission of supporting handmade and unique items. This shift has led to decreased seller satisfaction.

AI Competition

Sellers are struggling to compete with AI-generated and mass-produced items, which undermine the platform's uniqueness and appeal to artisans.

Corporate Pressures

The transition to a public company has introduced pressures to prioritize growth and shareholder value, moving away from its artisan-focused roots and causing tension among sellers.

Pandemic Aftermath

The pandemic temporarily boosted sales, but recent missed earnings suggest this success was short-lived and not indicative of long-term growth.

Shop Closures

Changes in policies and fees have led to a decline in seller profitability and increased frustration, resulting in some shops closing their doors.

Activist Investor Influence

Elliott Management's 13% stake in Etsy may bring new changes and pressures to the company's strategy, adding to the uncertainty.

Future Uncertainty

Etsy's ability to stay true to its mission while being profitable remains unclear, leaving sellers unsure about the platform's future direction.

Should You Look for Alternatives?

Given the current state of Etsy, many sellers are considering whether it might be time to explore alternative platforms for selling 3D printed products. Here are some questions to consider:

Is Etsy's Current Direction Aligned with Your Business Goals?

Etsy's focus on profitability and growth has led to dissatisfaction among some sellers. If your business relies heavily on the unique and handmade appeal, Etsy's shift might not align with your goals. |

Are You Struggling with Competition from AI-Generated and Mass-Produced Items?

The influx of AI-generated products and mass-produced items can make it difficult for traditional artisans to compete. If this is impacting your sales, it might be worth exploring platforms with stricter policies on handmade goods.

Have Recent Policy Changes Affected Your Profitability?

Etsy's changes in policies and fees have led to frustrations among sellers. If your profitability has taken a hit, looking for a platform with more favorable terms could be beneficial.

Do You Feel Supported by Etsy's Current Management?

Seller satisfaction has declined under CEO Josh Silverman's leadership. If you feel unsupported, other platforms might offer better seller support and community.

Exploring Alternatives to Etsy

If you're considering alternatives, here are a few platforms that might be worth exploring:


A versatile e-commerce platform that allows you to create your own online store. Shopify offers extensive customization options and a wide range of integrations to support your business.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon's marketplace for handmade goods offers access to a vast customer base. While it has its own set of fees, it provides a significant reach for sellers.


A well-established platform with a large customer base. eBay offers various tools to help you manage and grow your business.


While Etsy has been a significant player in the handmade goods market, recent challenges have led many to question its suitability for selling 3D-printed

products. By considering your business goals, the impact of competition, and recent policy changes, you can determine if it's time to explore alternative platforms better aligned with your needs. Whether you choose to stay on Etsy or look elsewhere, the key is to find a platform that supports your business and helps you reach your target audience effectively.

*Note: From the data we have on Hive, Etsy is still the number one platform to sell 3D printed products. This article is based on A video by CNCBC

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Whether you're just starting or looking to take your 3D printing business to the next level, Cubee provides the tools and resources needed for success. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that your products stand out in the competitive Etsy marketplace, attracting buyers and driving sales.

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