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Martin Zampach 

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About Designer


Introduction -

"Hello, my name is Martin, I am a designer from the Czech Republic, with X years of product design experience. I am the owner of the Martin Zampach brand, which I created over the last few years. We specialize in high end 3D Printed home decor, sold to both design stores and direct to consumer"

Commercial License

I have partnered with Cubee to enable 3D printing businesses to collaborate with the Martin Zampach brand. Hive+ members gain access to the Martin Zampach design catalog and media content bank, and have the authorization to sell my products around the world. I believe that maintaining the brand and its high value will benefit everyone. Therefore, we have established a number of guidelines to ensure that no one harms the brand or other sellers."

Guidelines that are mandatory:

The mandatory guidelines are a price cap for the standard product sizes, appropriate crediting, and geography guidelines. Selling intercontinental only: he brand puts a big emphasis on localized production, so do not sell the products outside your continent (mainly to maintain environmental quality and brand values). Credit guidelines dictate that when selling a Zampach product, it must be stated that it was designed by Martin Zampach, and produced in X by your business. Pricing for 2 main sizes:

20cm (3).png

Guidelines that are Recommended:

For the recommended guidelines you can go to my drive folder. There you will find information on included glass tubes with the product, using custom packaging and best practices for manufacturing. It is also recommended to go the extra “green mile” and focus on selling the product only in the country of production - rather than the entire continent. We’ve found that is a very strong selling point.

Added Value

You can use these tools and the brand’s story to create a quality product and great customer experience. Furthermore - Sellers who will abide by the recommended guidelines and help us create a global brand with quality control will also become verified manufacturers we can refer clients to when they reach out to the brand directly. Hive plus also provides you with business support and the people of Cubee can meet with you and help you with any problem that you are having. If you have any questions - you can reach out via the private Designer channel on Cubee’s Discord. Thank you very much for your support..


Extra tools

Packaging & glass tubes can be provided to EU sellers.

Agree for Designer Terms

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