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  • GazzaladraHive Monthly

    Every month
    Royalty-free deisgn catalog by Gazzaladra
    • Gazzaladra STL library
    • Commercial rights
    • Discord Community
    • Manufacturing support
  • gazzaladraHive Yearly

    Every year
    Yearly access to the Gazzaladra royalty-free catalog
    • Selected stl library
    • Yearly commercial license
    • Discord community
    • manufacturing support
  • 3D Mini World

    Every month
    Commercial license to My Mini World 3D
    • 100 STL's
    • Selling rights
    • Discord Community

*Disclaimer - "Hive+" and "Unlimited" plans include a trust-based system for designer royalty payments (10% of sales) 


Selling rights to top 20 designs

Get access to our top 20 designs by professional 3D artists from around the world. This includes STL files and high-quality images.


Automated price quotes

Generate automatic price quotes according to specific model properties and your own personal printing costs, simply by uploading the STL file to our slicer.


Online printshop 

An online store, via the Cubee platform, where you can display products, receive and manage orders, chat with customers and receive payment, all in one place! 


Discounts on filaments

Get special discounts and deals on selected filaments through our various collaborations with filament manufacturers.


Marketing content

Every design comes with high quality marketing content ready for use on any platform. This includes hi-res images, videos, written copy and pricing sheet template. 


Optimized and tested G-Codes

Receive optimized, tried-and-tested, G-Codes that allow you to start printing immediately, with zero waste on failed prints.


Customization tool

Use our unique customization tool labeled “Shape For Me” to add personalized logos and text to compatible models, available via the ‘Cubee Marketplace’.


Ecommerce License

A license to sell our models to end consumers on any ecommerce platform such as Amazon, Etsy, etc… 


Everything in "Hive", plus:

Full catalog of your choice

Choose a complete catalog from one of Cubee's designers, on top of the 20 designs provided in the ‘Hive’ plan. This includes STL files and high-quality images.


Automated pricing plug-in

Integrate our automated pricing plug-in in your own website using our API.


1:1 Support

Want to enhance your sales? having trouble with your printer? Need assistance with your own website? Get all the support you need by scheduling a call with our expert team members.


Lead generation services

Use our Lead Generation services to reach more high-potential leads with ease.


Wholesale license

A license to sell our models directly to businesses.

Hive Unlimited 

Everything in "Hive+", plus:

Access to all catalogs

Get unlimited  access to over 60 designs by professional 3D artists from around the world. This includes STL files and high-quality images.


Franchise License

Become a Cubee Representative with all our resources and team of experts to assist you. Before getting started it is necessary that we schedule a meeting so we can explain exactly how this works.

Get in Touch

Set up a call with one of our team by clicking here.

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