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Selling License  

for Your 3D Printer


plus+ so much more

"With Cubee, we grew our Etsy sales by 800%!"




     After 3 years of tests & research,
we've assembled the ultimate tool to 
Grow your 3D printing business

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One-Stop Shop For All Your Needs

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Commercial License

Get full selling rights to models created by professional 3D designers.

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High-end Content

Make use of our library of Stunning images, videos, and written content.

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Smart Tools

Get powerful tools that will reduce your workload and increase your productivity.


1:1 Business Support

Get full personal assistance from our team & access to our Discord community.


Lidor, Owner of Echo Shop 3D

"My business grew by 700% during my first 3 months of using Cubee. I had to triple my manufacturing capabilities.

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Mark, Owner of Atlantis 3D Printing

"Cubee's wide product catalog has allowed me to easily find and offer a diverse range of products to my customers.


Peyton, Owner of

"Cubee's smart slicer & API greatly increased my productivity and made it easier than ever for users to get instant price quotes.


Mor, Owner of

"Cubee's smart slicer made my life a whole lot easier with an instant price quote and color selection. It cut my workload by half.

What Our Alpha-Testers Say...

Selling Top-Quality Designs Has Never Been Easier

Get selling rights to a wide selection of top 3D Designs and all the marketing materials you need to sell them effectively.

Use our ready-made content 

And start selling instantly

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- Weekly Sale -


50% Off Hive+ Just $14.5

when billed yearly


Limited Seats

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Choose Your Plan

20% off yearly plans

*Disclaimer: "Hive +"/ "Unlimited" include a trust-based system for designer royalty payments (10% of sales) 

This Includes:

Premium Catalog of your choice

License to sell models across any platform*

Professional content bank of product pictures & videos.

1:1 business support from the Cubee sales & marketing team.

Direct access to designer through private Discord 

* Includes a trust-based royalty payment system  (10% of sales) 

 - Only 50 Seats Available Per Catalog - 

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Commercial license to a designer of your choice

Plus+ so much more


20% off with yearly plan

Hive+ also includes a free online Printshop, discounts on filaments, and auto pricing tools. read more

Our Users Report a Fast Return On Investment - with 1 of the following:

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A monthly order of filaments at a discount price

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Cubee's Smart Slicer

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Power your site with 

✔️ Online slicer on your site

✔️ Instant pricing

✔️ Formats: stl, obj, 3mf
✔️ Files up to 100Mb

✔️ 100% yours, No redirect

✔️ No code needed

✔️ Tech support every step of the way

  • How does Hive save me time money?
    Hive is designed as an umbrella service with the primary goal of reducing workload, minimizing growing pains, and preventing common mistakes, thereby ensuring a smoother business operation. Here's how Hive can save you time and money: 1. Media Content: Hive provides ready-to-use high-quality media, eliminating the need for individual product photography. 2 Knowledge Sharing: Hive's community shares insights and mistakes, helping you avoid common pitfalls. 3. Industry Partnerships: Hive collaborates with filament companies to offer better pricing, leading to cost savings on materials. Overall, Hive streamlines operations reduces mistakes, and offers cost-effective solutions for its users.
  • What differentiates Hive from other 3D design licensing services?
    Hive differentiates itself from other 3D design licensing services in the following ways: 1. Exclusivity: Hive offers limited seats to their premium catalogs. While they do have a basic catalog that anyone can subscribe to, the premium catalogs are exclusive to ensure the market isn't saturated with numerous sellers offering the same designs. 2. Support Systems: Hive is dedicated to helping its sellers grow. They provide tools and have established a community to support this growth. 3. High-Quality Media Content: Hive places a strong emphasis on providing high-quality media content. They recognize the importance of media in today's product selling landscape and work diligently to offer top-notch content to their sellers.
  • What are the different Hive Commercial License Plans?
    Hive offers several Commercial License Plans tailored to different needs: HiveCommunity: This is for beginners who want to explore the platform. It provides a large collection of models without royalties and comes with limited media content. Hive Plus: This plan includes the Starter Hive catalog and allows users to select one premium catalog from a Hive Plus designer. This catalog comes with media content and is exclusive, limited to only 50 sellers (or 100 when including the Unlimited plan members). Hive Unlimited: This is the top-tier plan, granting access to all Hive Plus catalogs. Subscribers also receive premium business development support from Hive to assist in selling to businesses and overall business growth. Each plan is designed to cater to different stages of a seller's journey, from exploration to full-fledged business operations.
  • What is HiveCommunity ? What is the best way to get started?
    The HiveCommunity (previously known as StarterHive) is a catalog designed for those new to selling 3D prints. It offers a vast collection of designs without royalties or exclusivity. Available at an affordable price, it allows users to explore various designs and discover their best sellers. To get started, simply join HiveCommunity, access the diverse design stack, and begin selling.
  • What is Hive+? How do I sell products of a specific designer?
    Hive+ is an upgraded plan that provides access to a premium designer catalog. It's ideal for those who've moved beyond the initial stages of the Hive universe and have a specific designer in mind they want to collaborate with. By subscribing to Hive+, you essentially become a franchise for that designer's products, allowing you to work closely with both the seller community and the designer. This close collaboration helps you grow alongside the designer's product line.
  • What is HiveUnlimited? Can I get access to all of the designer Catalogs?
    HiveUnlimited is designed for more established 3D or e-commerce businesses. It offers: 1. Access to all of the Hive Plus catalogs. 2. Exclusivity, with only 50 unlimited members allowed worldwide at any given time. 3. Premium support from Hive. So, yes, with HiveUnlimited, you get access to all the designer catalogs available under Hive Plus.
  • Where can I sell 3D Printed Hive Products?
    With the Hive commercial licensing, sellers have the flexibility to sell 3D Printed Hive Products wherever they see fit. This includes: * E-commerce platforms * Etsy * Other marketplace platforms * Directly to businesses * Flea markets * Fairs * Farmers markets The licensing provides sellers with the autonomy to freely market and sell from the Hive catalog wherever their buyers are located.
  • Can I use the designer brand / my own brand for selling Hive products?
    Yes, you have the flexibility with Hive products. You can: 1. Use the actual brand of the designer. 2. White label the products under your own brand name. 3. Add logos or tags to the designs. However, sometimes using the designer's brand might be beneficial as they may already have established credibility. Alternatively, you can even use the Hive brand name. The choice is entirely up to you.
  • What are Trust Based royalty payments? Do I need to pay royalties?
    "Cubee Trust" is Hive's system for premium catalogs (Hive+/Unlimited) where sellers pay a 10% royalty to designers monthly. This approach limits the number of sellers per catalog, reducing competition and ensuring quality. The shared sales data offers insights into popular products, guiding sellers on what to prioritize. If you sell from a premium catalog, you owe royalties to the designer.
  • How do I pay royalties? How does it work?
    Royalties are paid through Hive's "Cubee Trust" system. Each month, sellers input their sales data into Hive's software, which calculates the royalty amount. A payment link is generated, and the payment is sent to the designer. Hive then uses this aggregated sales data to inform the community about market trends.
  • Do I need to provide credits for Hive products I post?
    Yes, when posting a Hive product online, it's beneficial to give credit to the designer. This can increase your exposure, especially if the designer decides to repost your picture. Additionally, it's recommended to mention that you're a Hive-authorized seller. This ensures that you and others know you're not infringing on any rights. Hive protects its designs and enforces copyright infringement.
  • what is the Hive seller community? Why do I need it?
    The Hive seller community is a collaborative platform where sellers from around the world come together to share knowledge and experiences. Recognizing that challenges faced by one seller might be similar to another's, the community promotes collaboration over competition. Hive believes in achieving its vision through collective effort, and the community plays a pivotal role in that. The community operates primarily through a Discord server, facilitating connections between manufacturers, 3D printers, and designers. They also host webinars and events, fostering learning and collective growth in the 3D printing business. Joining this community can accelerate your growth by leveraging shared experiences and insights.
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
    You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account via each plan's dashboard and following the instructions.

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